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Netconf rpc example

2022. 7. 8. · The subscriber may invoke the "modify-subscription" RPC for a subscription it previously established. The RPC has no difference to the single publisher case as in [RFC8641]. Figure 6 provides an example where a subscriber attempts to modify the period and datastore XPath filter of a subscription using NETCONF.¶.

NETCONF is not used for notifications on an SR OS router; for example, log events, syslog, or SNMP notifications (traps). The equivalent of some admin commands are available via the SR OS NETCONF interface: admin savecan be done using the <copy-config> operation admin rollback commands are supported using a CLI content layer <cli-action> RPC.

2022. 6. 8. · 1. Introduction. When a NETCONF client connects with a NETCONF server, a frequently occurring use case is for the client to find out if the configuration has changed since it was last connected. Such changes could occur for example if another NETCONF client has made changes, or another system or operator made changes through other means than NETCONF.¶.

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The NETCONF protocol uses a remote procedure call (RPC) paradigm. A client encodes an RPC in XML [W3C.REC-xml-20001006] and sends it to a server using a secure, connection-oriented session. The server responds with a reply encoded in XML. The contents of both the request and the response are fully described in XML DTDs or XML schemas, or both ....

NETCONF uses RPC messaging for communication between a NETCONF client and the NETCONF server running on SR OS. An RPC message and configuration data is encapsulated within an XML document. These XML documents are exchanged between a NETCONF client and a NETCONF server in a request/response type of interaction. The SR OS NETCONF interface ....

Dec 03, 2021 · NETCONF operator. This operator provides support for: RFC6241: Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) Support for the following RPC: lock, unlock, edit-config, comit, get, get-config. Support for custom RPC. RFC6242: Using the NETCONF Protocol over Secure Shell (SSH) Support for username/password. No support for pub key..

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